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Intergaleno. Orientación y Prevención Médica en Internet

(PRWEB) December 2, 1999


Intergaleno. Orientación y Prevención Médica en Internet, a New Online Directory Gives Consumers, Businesses and Institutions a Tool For Finding Refurbished or Used Merchandise in The Net!

(PRWEB) January 22, 2000

MIAMI, Fl., January 21, 2000 – Consumers and commercial entities who want to save money by buying refurbished or used merchandise are now able to find virtually any product through (, a web site designed exclusively to list the thousands of companies selling products in the secondary market, a multi-billion dollar industry.

Visitors at the site can search or browse through a myriad of products, divided by categories, including desktop computers, notebooks, telecom, home electronics, medical, musical instruments, office equipment, fitness, auto parts, point of sale, furniture, cellular phones and machinery. By Summer, will add more important categories and sub-categories such as Appliances, Sports, Print Cartridges, Broadcasting and Photography. Finally, by year-end, it will lunch AuctionFurb – An online auction dedicated to refurbished products.

Expecting a huge traffic coming from non-US users, has established mirror domains in 15 key countries including important emerging nations such as Mexico (, Brazil (, Argentina ( South Africa ( and Romania ( Beginning in June, 2000, will change some of these domains from mirrors to actual web sites, reflecting their local languages and Cultures.

“The impact of these new country specific sites will be tremendous, considering that these emerging markets are already responsible for the biggest chunk of the export of US refurbished goods, specially in the areas of machinery, farming, road building, medical and office (copiers and high speed printers.)” Said Marcos DaSilva, president of “These local sites will list only companies that already have a local presence or are interested in exporting their products to that specific country.”

In that same line of creating more targeted sites, the company will also invest on developing a stronger presence in Europe with the further development of (currently a mirror domain.)

The site is free for visitors but listed companies pay advertising fees, if they want their company listing to have some extras such as premium placement, highlights, icons, company directions… etc. Companies not willing to pay can still place their sites in the directory but will not have these extras. Advertising revenue will also come from banners placed throughout the site. Additionally will generate revenue by charging commission for the AuctionFurb feature, once it has been in place, next winter.


Based in Miami, Florida, is a site owned by American Systems, a privately held company. Its vision is to explore the power of the internet to facilitate users of this global network to access companies selling refurbished products of every kind, ranging from a simple print cartridge to a bulky road building tractor. The idea first started in 1996, when AmericanSystems had the site dedicated to selling refurbished computer equipment to South America. They soon realized that the site’s potential was tremendous if instead of selling their own product they open the site to every company in the secondary market industry.

Contact Information:

Ms. Simone Juhasz

+1 305 383 3086

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(PRWEB) February 25, 2000





– New Site Connects Music Fans To International Superstars and the Latest New Talent –

February 23, 2000 (New York) – ( today launched the Internet’s first comprehensive music download directory for Spanish and Portuguese speaking music fans, as well as English speaking fans of music from Latin America. The site helps music fans find, learn about, hear and purchase legal music online and provides independent artists a new platform for promoting and distributing their music on the Internet. Dgolpe also announced several partnerships, including,,,, and to bring music fans the largest multilingual directory of legal music downloads.


MP3 Technology Bridging Internet

(PRWEB) June 12, 2000

MP3 Technology Bridging Internet Generation Gap

Global Survey From Angus Reid Group Finds Downloading Music Has Wide Appeal

Vancouver, June 9, 2000 – When it comes to downloading their favourite songs on MP3 files, both adults and youth are getting in the groove with the new technology. According to two recent global studies conducted by the Angus Reid Group Inc., 36% of all adult Internet users and 41% of teens and young adult Internet users have downloaded music from the Web in MP3 or similar formats.

Among teenaged Internet users aged 12-17 in ten recently surveyed countries, Angus Reid found that 44% had downloaded a music file, compared to 38% of the 18-24 year olds. And in an earlier Angus Reid global survey of adult Internet users, nearly one in three young adults, or 35% of 25-34 year olds and 33% of 35-44 year olds in the same countries had downloaded music files themselves. The practice has reached middle aged and older adult Internet users as well, with 23% of Internet users over age 45 reporting that they had downloaded music.

Once they download a music file, Internet users plan to come back for more – over 80% of adults who had downloaded a music file indicated they would be at least somewhat likely to do it again over the next 12 months. Charts available online

“Teens and young adults still represent the biggest share of this market, since a higher proportion of the them are online than adults in most countries,” said Clay Braziller, Vice President, Interactive Strategy for the Angus Reid Group. “But as adults go online, they are clearly starting to take up sampling and downloading for themselves.”

“This is one of the first technologies we have seen on the Net that adults are beginning to adopt as quickly as the youth,” Braziller added. “Teenagers might be in the driver’s seat in the American market, but in other parts of the world adults are also keen to download their choice of music.”

Globally, the incidence of music downloading among adult Internet users is highest in the developing countries of Asia and Latin America where as many as half of the Internet users surveyed had downloaded a music file, compared to one in three adult Internet users in the US (35%). In the ten countries where teenagers and young adults were surveyed, more than half of South Korean youth were downloading their favourite songs – more than teens in any other country surveyed to date. Among adult Internet users, the South Koreans, Argentines and Italians were the most likely to report downloading their favorite music from the Internet.

“Internet users are more excited about downloading MP3 or other music content in countries where there is not a well stocked music store in every local shopping mall,” Braziller said. “It all fits together when we see how popular downloading has become among users in a country like South Korea, which has one of the highest levels of Internet usage in Asia and is also one of the leading manufacturers of MP3 recording devices.”

So far, it appears that downloading MP3 files has not completely supplanted purchases of CDs, at least not over the Internet. Internet users who have downloaded music files are more likely than others to report that their last online purchase was a music CD. “We believe this is the beginning of a transitional stage in how music is being marketed and distributed,” Braziller said. “Music lovers in different age groups and different countries are quickly learning how take advantage of the vast selection now available in the market place. No one can really say what this multi-billion dollar industry will look like in two years, though it is clear its path will be driven both by the technology and the existing retailing infrastructure that is already out there.”


Information on the use of MP3 among adult Internet users is from The Face of the Web, an Angus Reid Group study of Internet users in 34 countries completed earlier this year.

The information on the use of MP3 among youth is based on preliminary results from interviews from The Face of the Web – Youth conducted among 3,300 respondents in Argentina, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, the UK and the USA in March. Interviewing was conducted by telephone, except in Argentina and South Korea where in-person interviews were used. All samples were nationally representative, except in Argentina where coverage was limited to urban areas. National samples each consisted of 300 12-24 year olds, except in the USA where 600 interviews were conducted. Results outside the USA are accurate within an error margin of no more than plus/minus 6 percentage points, 19 times out of 20; in the USA, the results are accurate within an error margin of no more than plus/minus 4 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

The remainder of the Face of the Web -Youth interviewing is now underway in six additional countries, including Canada, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Urban Brazil, Mexico, and China. The Face of the Web – Youth is the companion survey to the Angus Reid Group’s annual Face of the Web survey that covers adult Internet awareness and usage in 34 countries across the world.

About Angus Reid

Established in 1979, the Angus Reid Group is among the world’s leading research companies, providing a full array of marketing and social research services to the private and public sectors. Founded by Dr. Angus Reid, the Angus Reid Group has conducted extensive research in 80 countries and in 40 languages and serves clients around the world through 11 offices and 300-full-time and 800 part-time staff. For more information visit

For more information about The Face of the Web Youth, please contact Chris Adams, vice-president of global research, at 1-888-210-7425 or

For more information on this release, please contact:

Clay Braziller

Vice President Interactive Strategy

Angus Reid Group Inc.

(604) 893 1622

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MP3 Technology Bridging Internet


(PRWEB) November 15, 2000

DeRemate, the leading personal trading community in Latin America, announced the acquisition of an equity stake in, a fixed-price trading marketplace. This strategic acquisition expands considerably the company’s business platform, enabling DeRemate to offer its over 1.3 million users an additional possibility to buy and sell products at a fixed price. offers an efficient and user-friendly marketplace where buyers and sellers trade new or used music articles and books at a 50% discount. The company initiated operations in July 2000 and since then, has shown strong and steady growth rates, presently offering over 40,000 items for sale.

As Alec Oxenford, DeRemate CEO, explained, “this acquisition provides an additional format to the largest Latin-American e-commerce platform that will increase the number of products for sale and will attract a new set of buyers and sellers to our existing base, allowing to an even more fierce consolidation of DeRemate´s leadership in the market”.

“We share a common goal with DeRemate: to provide our users with an easy to use and secure channel for them trade their products on-line”, asserted Lucas Rousseaux,’s CEO. “This agreement enables us to join strengths thus to increase the trading options available on the Internet in the region.”

About (, founded in Buenos Aires in April 2000, is the only site offering users an online marketplace to buy and sell new or used products in good conditions at a minimum 50% discount. Currently, offers users the opportunity to buy and sell music articles and books. Shortly, they will be able to trade DVDs and video games.

About DeRemate

DeRemate, ( and ( in Brazil, is the largest and most popular trading community on the Internet in Latin America, which allows its users to sell and buy products and services through its technological interactive platform. DeRemate was founded in August 1999, has a staff composed of 200 professionals and presently operates in 9 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, United States y Venezuela.

So far DeRemate has received financing for US$ 60 million from strategic and financial investors, including Citigroup Venture Capital, Merrill Lynch, e-Quest, Texas Pacific Group, SLI Investments and Terra Networks. DeRemate is the exclusive channel of online auctions of Terra Networks and T1MSN (Microsoft and Telmex), among others.

DeRemate has more than 1.3 million registered users and is the only site in its category in the region that audits and publishes audit results. According to the activity report prepared by I/PRO on September of the current year, registered 4.8 million visitors and registered 25.8 million requested pages. More than 275,000 transactions have taken place in DeRemate producing gross merchandise sales in excess of US$ 50 million.



Dream Phone Call From Chayanne Will Go To Lucky Bidder

(PRWEB) March 21, 2001

DATE: March 16, 2001

FROM: Chayanne Fans For Nancy Committee

TITLE: “Dream Phone Call From Chayanne Will Go To Lucky Bidder”

When the auction is over and the bids are all in, some very lucky fan will be getting a phone call most fans only dream about. It will come from one of the brightest stars in the entertainment universe…Latin heart throb Chayanne.

Chayanne will donate the “fan call” to a benefit Internet auction that he really cares about, the Chayanne Fans For Nancy charity auction on eBay. The call will go to the highest bidder during the auction to benefit Nancy Ramos Esquivel which now through Sunday, March 21st (extended to this date due to overwhelming response). She is a 10 month old baby girl who desperately needs a liver transplant at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, FL. Included in the auction will also be more than 200 Chayanne collectible items sent in by his fans everywhere and even the star’s own management company.

The exciting auction is being sponsored and coordinated by a committee, Chayanne Fans For Nancy, made up from three major fan clubs who support the career of the Puerto Rican entertainer on the Internet, Cafe Chayanne, and La Isla Chayanne.

Chayanne discovered the Mexican girl when his own child, three year old Lorenzo, was hospitalized briefly with the flu. This caring, sympathetic superstar was so moved by her condition and the fact that her mother is very poor and cannot afford the whopping big $ 200,000 surgery bill, that he publicly asked his millions of fans around the world to help. As a result, the auction was born to kick off a fund raising campaign.

In addition to his recent appearances on two episodes of Fox’s TV hit Ally McBeal, and his 1998 US film debut in Dance With Me starring opposite Vanessa L. Williams, Chayanne’s colorful career spans some 21 years. He has sold over 5 million albums worldwide, and earned at least 20 platinum records and more than 50 gold. This past year, he won the Ritmo Latino Artist Of The Year Award and also for Best Video for his song Atado A Tu Amor. He was just recently nominated for the 2001 Billboard Latin Music Awards Hot Latin Tracks, for The Best Pop Album – “Simplemente” (his latest), and for Pop Track Of The Year. In addition, he has been nominated for Best Latin Artist in the prestigious Premios Gardel Awards in Argentina to be announced on April 18th.

Among the many items to be auctioned off will be autographed tour books, photographs, rare magazines, articles and clippings, concert T-shirts, albums, videos (including Linda Sara, the first film he made), and possibly a nice contribution from the Miami Marlin’s baseball team.

The auction can be found at or a charitable contribution can be made directly to:

Jackson Memorial Foundation

c/o Nancy Ramos Esquivel

901 NW 17th Street, Suite G

Miami, FL 331236

Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) may be used for donations by calling (305) 585-7260.

Written By Carol Saunders

Publicity Director and Chayanne Fans For Nancy

(561) 744-2534/ Fax (561) 744-2780

Dream Phone Call From Chayanne Will Go To Lucky Bidder

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DMF2001: Borderless Art

(PRWEB) October 19, 2001

DMF2001: Borderless Art

By Fatima Lasay

MANILA, Philippines – As the United States launched the air attacks October 7 in Afghanistan, I had just welcomed three foreign guests at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) for the Digital Media Festival 2001 (DMF2001). I greeted Japanese film and video artist Takahiko Iimura and his art coordinator Kazuyo Yasuda at the Philippine Airlines Centennial Airport Terminal and fineArt forum’s (fAf) editor-in-chief Nisar Keshvani from Singapore at the NAIA Terminal 1. As I saw their faces for the first time, I affirmed that art (and not war) is borderless.

Our first stop was my mother’s home to meet with members of my family, then a quick visit to the Festival venue, the Corredor Gallery of the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts (UPCFA). As Kazuyo handed me prints of Taka’s installation video and CD-ROM works to be mounted in the gallery, and as Taka sat before the iMac and started clicking on the mouse, I grew to believe more in the calming and unifying power of being passionate of a gift that bridges cultures.

Monday October 8, DMF2001 opened with ribbon-cutting ceremonies headed by UP Diliman Chancellor Emerlinda Roman with UPCFA Dean Virginia B. Dandan, Taka, Nisar and myself. Artists’ Talks with Jim Ayson, Ben Razon, Al Manrique and Lionel Valdellon followed, covering topics from digital photography, digital art to electronic music. Tuesday’s highlights were fineArt forum’s Travelling Screening Program, Nisar’s lecture, Taka’s video, film and work on CD-ROM, lunch with the college executive board, a workshop-demo on non-linear video editing, and a night at the UP Film Center to see “The Harp of Burma” and meet with the Japanese ambassador to the Philippines.

Wednesday, Ronnie Millevo conducted the DMF2001 Flash workshop, and we moved on to Manila for the Metropolitan Museum, the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the GSIS Museum. We passed by the US Embassy and saw the protest rally, experienced heavy traffic, saw the slum areas, the street children, the high rise buildings, the shopping malls; we had Starbucks coffee, Chinese food, local buffet dinner, Lebanese lunch; while in the morning papers it’s always the war offshore, the conflict down south, anthrax, the political and economic crisis. It is easy to feel how swiftly and mindlessly the world moves around us and it is even easier to become trapped into its roundabout journey, to sit hypnotized as if in front of the screen watching a (very bad) movie. Then some of us snap out of that trance and live in a borderless world that respects and actively bridges cultures with the purpose of making life better through art.

Thursday and Friday of DMF2001 were devoted to videos – outstanding videos by mostly young artists from all across the globe. We screened Multimedia Art Asia Pacific’s “Oil Friction” and “Excess” videos from China and Australia; a second look at fAf’s one-hour program from Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Philippines, France, Taiwan and USA; we also looked at artists’ videos sent in from Romania, Greece, USA, and Australia. Throughout the Thursday screenings in the dimmed Corredor Gallery, the movement and scenes in Margaret Roberts’ “Cook East Cook West” installation video seemed constantly to serve as our window to the fast moving outside world.

The screenings, especially the fAf Screening Program which focused on rich cultural digital content, reinvigorated enthusiasm in video art at the University and encouraged many young video artists to pursue excellence in their work. With technical assistance from Computer Devices Corporation, I am currently working on a modernization plan for the video art elective course with Prof. Benjie Cabangis, aiming to acquire funding for new and better equipment for digital video editing in UPCFA. We all have our fingers crossed.

Also throughout the event, computers served artists’ CD-ROMs and websites from Brazil, Argentina, Germany, USA, Estonia, Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Romania, Slovenia, Thailand, Canada and Japan. Experimental and electronic music from Japan and Gavin Prior’s Lachrymal of Ireland played in the background.

Audience favorites include Australian Michelle Glaser, Andrew Hutchison and Marie-Louise Xavier’s CD-ROM-based interactive narrative “Juvenate” which transformed the hand’s movement on the mouse into a healing touch on the screen images. German Wilfried Agricola de Cologne’s “Moving Picture Collection” also sparked special interest particularly the piece”Divisionistic Approach”; and Brazilian Wilton Azevedo’s “Interpoesia” (with Philadelpho Menezes) introduced the new reading and authorship involved in interpoetry while Palm Poetry Reading, the UPCFA students’ entry to the 2nd Interpoetry Exhibition in Brazil, also presented in DMF2001, actively participated in the exchange of new ideas in the digital poetry genre. The portrait and the music in French Gustavo Kortsarz’s “Vanarsky / Toporgraphie” digital video also brought eyes and ears to attention.

The CD-ROM based works and Taka’s migration from film and video to CD-ROM (spanning over 35 years of dedicated work from analog to digital media) also served as challenge and inspiration to a number of video and filmmakers here. The possibilities of creating interactive work from film and video content provided the catalyst for getting more artists involved in interactive and digital technologies.

In DMF2001, we had also worked closely with the UP Computer Center through their director Prof. Roel Ocampo and the Diliman Network (DilNet) which provided fast and uninterrupted internet connection and live streaming video.

I am currently “de-stressing” myself, writing emails and postcards to all who helped in DMF2001, preparing to send out catalogs to all the artists involved in the event, putting the event aftermath little by little into the DMF2001 website. All the stress and hard work has been worth it and art has proven again to be a weapon for peace never comparable nor to be traded for bombs or a lackadaisical weekend watching CNN. And we move on to DMF2002 …

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DMF2001: Borderless Art